Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alan Hughes acústico en Buenos Aires

Con gran éxito se presentó en la Sala Teatro José Verdi de la Boca del Riachuelo el cantautor y chef, Alan Patricio Hughes, residente en la ciudad de Miami donde está poniendo a punto su restaurant One Ninety. En la ocasión presentó temas de su próximo disco que grabará en Los Angeles, California con el argentino Enzo Buono del Star Studio de L.A.n
El joven y popular chef & owner del restaurant bohemio y cool, OneNinety de Miami, Alan Hughes, ex guitarrista original de la Zimbawe Reggae Band, Koalición y actual de PROLE, cercano a las grabaciones en New York de Charly García (mirad Chipi Chipi) y a la masterización de Andrés Calamaro (Alta Suciedad) en Miami; se presentará el 31 de mayo en el Teatro Verdi del barrio de la Boca del Riachuelo en Buenos Aires, Argentina en un set acústico con el auspicio de la revista

Expreso Imaginario presenta:
Alan Hughes en Concierto

Miércoles 31de Mayo - 21:30 hs.
Teatro José Verdi
Avda. Almirante Brown 736
La Boca del Riachuelo
Entrada $ 5,-

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Argentine Rock Movies

Four movies about argentine rock will be opening this year: one a view of most important present bands called Celebration Rock, one about the beat years, Argentina Beat with the musical production of Litto Nebbia (Rosario 1963 The Wildcats, Bs As. 1966 Los Gatos Salvajes, 1967 Los Gatos first single sold 200.000 copies, songs: La Balsa (Tanguito-Nebbia) and Ayer Nomás (Moris-Pipo Lernoud, with a changed lyric because of censorship), and the other film is Buen Dia Dia, a mixture of fiction and documental about Miguel Abuelo Peralta, from the historic ´67 and back at 80´s the succesfull band Los Abuelos de la Nada (first single 1967) Miguel Abuelo et Nada, France 1978,
The last but not least is going to be the more controversial, it will include a concert at Luna Park stadium: Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock and Roll .
With documentary parts based in real facts, and lead by producer Billy Bond, original magician and factotum of La Cueva, the man behind The Seasons faking Liverpool look alike record in 1965 and finally the man that guided La Pesada del Rock and Roll, a collective of the best argentines rock musicians during the early seventies that are mostly remembered for a 1972 concert at Luna Park when the public from the sides of the stadium began to pass over to a closer to the stage location where clashed by guards and policemen, at this point the public was aroused by Billy Bond shouting by the mic ...ROMPAN TODO (BREAK EVERYTHING) that could possibly be the title of the film.

Argentine Rock Films (An Historical Review)
1973 Rock till sun set (Rock hasta que se ponga el sol)
Aníbal Uset Filmed during the B.A.Rock III festival,
that happened in
1972 with the participation among others of
Arco Iris(Gustavo Santoalalla´s first band-2006 Oscar award winner), Pappo, Pescado Rabioso (L.A.Spinetta), Color Humano, Sui Generis(Charly Garcia & Nito Mestre), etc.

1976 GoodBye Sui Generis (Adios Sui Generis) Is the film about the last concerts of the duet, 5 sept 1975 at the Luna Park stadium with the huge number for that time of 30.000 people watching the two shows, Director Bebe Kamin supervised by Leopoldo Torre Nilson, because of censorship the film could only be seen at 1976 with the calification of Forbidden for minors of 18, given by dictatorship censor Miguel Paulino Tato, that was called in a song of the record Pequeñas anecdotas sobre las Instituciones, Mr. Scissors( Sr. Tijeras). This record Pequeñas anécdotas sobre las instituciones had heavy trouble with censorship. The song Tango en segunda was recorded to replace the banned Juan Represión and El tuerto y los ciegos replaced the forbiden Botas locas (Crazy Boots) that spoke critically about the military institution and the forced draft. Some of the lyrics were modified in the songs Instituciones, Las increíbles aventuras del Sr. Tijeras and Para quien canto yo entonces .

1983 Buenos Aires Rock Director Héctor Olivera shows the concert with bands like Los Abuelos de la Nada, Riff (Pappo), Luis Alberto Spinetta, David Lebón, La Torre, V8, Orions Beethoven, Piero (who returned from a long exile after his more popular songs where banned) among others, is the documental of a two days concert at the back fields of Obras Sanitarias Stadium.

1993 Tango Feroz free adaptation of the life of Tanguito a.k.a. Tango or Donovan el Proteston or Ramses IV( José Alberto Iglesias 1945-1972)his death probably cause pushed under a train by a cop when he escaped from Borda Hospital. Sistematically chased by the Drug Squad(Division Toxicomania Policia Federal Argentina) Tanguito, a natural leader of the borning hippie movement with a fully poetic creativity and a particular voice, was exposed
to a repetitive patern of jail abuse and neuropsichiatric internation including electroshock and halopidol treatment at the infamous Borda State Mental Institute. Probably adicted to methedrine. Director
Marcelo Piñeyro was criticized for the adaptation written by Aida Bortnik. Public: 1.800.000 spectators .The music score sold 30.000 records(Gold award).

1995 Peperina, Seru Giran (Charly Garcia, David Lebón, Pedro Aznar, Oscar Moro) directed by Raul de La Torre mixes fiction with the re-union of the most popular band of the 80´s for a couple of concerts in 1992 at River Plate Stadium.

2001 Historias de Argentina en vivo. 13 short duration movies captured by 13 diferent directors ( Bruno Stagnaro: Los Pericos; Gregorio Cramer: Menphis; Adrian Caetano: Los Caballeros de la Quema; Andres Di Tella :Divididos;Fernando Spiner: Ratones Paranoicos; Gustavo Postiglione: Fito Paez; Marcelo Piñeyro: León Gieco; among others, during the cicle Argentina Vivo, there is no VHS edition know.

2001 Insoportablemente Vivo, La Renga show at Huracan Stadium at La Paternal
neighbourhood in 2000 including first gigs footage and first Obras Sanitarias Stadium show.

2002 Luca vive. Directed by Jorge Cossio a free recreation of the leader and singer of SUMO, died at 1987, Luca Prodan, angloitalian bald tornado sex appealing for an amazing entertainer and musician that began singing in english and spanish during 1982 Malvinas- Falklands war leading his band to stardom till his young dead of heart respiratory stroke because of cirrosis.

As you see we ´ve got plenty of material to show.

Leon Gieco, Vicentico and Victor Heredia lead the concerts for the commemoration of the Memory and Justice Day for the 30 anniversary of the 24 March of 1976 first day of the coup d´ etat that ruled till 1983.

There is going on at BUE Jazz Festival with figures as Joe Lovano,Egberto Gismonti and his son Alexander, the Fattorusso Brothers (from the seminal uruguayan rock band Los Shakers) and a whole of young local talents.